Learn to Fly & Island Trip Package

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Minimum number of participants : 2 persons
Maximum number of participants : 6 persons

Available dates :

April-May 2021, July-August 2021

This package was designed to provide you an intensive paragliding training course over a week that includes an interesting holiday opportunity at one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia.

You won’t be bored throughout the training days, with a number of activities that you could do at the end of day or in between training days – be it snorkeling or scuba diving after training sessions or relaxing at the idyllic beach bar as we go through the paragliding theory lessons.

Option 1 : Classroom and ground handling lessons will be conducted at the wide sandy beaches of Perhentian island and for the final part of hill launches and soaring, we will proceed the training at Bukit Bubus and Bukit Keluang via 30 minutes boat ride from Perhentian islands.

Option 2 : Classroom, ground handling, hill launches and soaring will be conducted at Bukit Bubus beach and after 4 or 5 days of intensive training, you will be taken to Perhentian islands for a 2 days excursion to snorkel, swim or just relax by the beaches.

You pick the choice and we will arrange them for you. At the end of the trip, you will be a capable paraglider pilot and at the same time had a good holiday at the tropical islands!

Contact us for further enquiries or make a booking and our coordinators will revert to you soonest possible. Meanwhile, below is a photo gallery about our location and some of the available facilities for your training sessions.

Price Includes

  • Pickup from Kota Bharu airport to training location
  • Island tour excursion for snorkeling/scubadiving at Perhentian islands
  • Hostel type of accommodation at Perhentian islands or Besut
  • Boat transfer to/from the Perhentian islands
  • Paragliding Insurance for 3 months
  • Training materials such as handbook, logbook, tshirt and Certificate of Completion
  • Group discount is applicable for more than 3 students in the same booking
  • Dedicated photographer for photo album collection of the training sessions
  • Student ID card (valid for 12 months)
  • Rental of training gears such as paraglider, harness and helmet

Price Excludes

  • Hotel or resort type of accommodation - additional fee incurs
  • Lunch and dinner - too variable to be packaged but we will assist to coordinate

If you are from Kuala Lumpur, then the fastest and easiest way is to fly with either AirAsia or FireFlyz to Kota Bharu. It takes only about 30-45 minutes and we will arrange the land transport to pickup from the airport to the hotel nearest to the training location. Upon returning to Kuala Lumpur, we will arrange the land transport to send you to Kota Bharu airport for a return flight to Kuala Lumpur.

If you are from Penang island, driving is possible and though the journey will go through scenic mountain range, it will take roughy 5-6 hours to get to our training location. There is no direct flight from Penang to Kota Bharu (at the time of writing this).

Let us know your preference, and we will suggest and coordinate the traveling logistics for you for a convenient traveling and less hassle of arranging them yourself.

Trip Facts

  • valid for 6 months
  • Student ID as temporary identification for 12 months
  • Yes, MSAF is a member of FAI
  • Costal Ridge
  • any type of vehicle

Tandem Flight FAQ

How fit do I need to be for the activity?

As long as you are generally healthy then you will be able to engage in this activity. There will be some form of running required while launching.

How long is the flight duration?

On average, you will fly between 6-10 minutes, however it is common that we will fly longer when the wind condition is suitable and this depends on the site that you chooses as launch altitude plays an important role to determine flight duration during weak wind condition.

What do I need to wear?

Please make sure that you wear shoes that are suitable for outdoor activities, everything else are optional, though it would help if you wear proper attire for outdoor activities.

What about camera or videos?

You will be given outdoor action-camera such as GoPro (or equivalent) to record your flight video while flying and the video will be copied to your mobile phone after landing.

Are we insured as the passenger?

Yes, you will be registered for a per-day insurance that covers any injuries caused by paragliding. The insurance coverage is part of the registration process and it is a compulsory requirement for adults below 65 years old.

Is there an age limit?

Generally, suitable age to fly is between 12 years old until 70 years old, depending on their health conditions.

Is there any weight limit?

Most of the flying sites has a weight limit due to the launch area condition. Passengers exceeding the weight limit will be charged an additional fee according to the site operator’s determined rate. Please check each individual site for the weight range.

Can I request for a female pilot?

At the moment, there are no female pilots flying tandem paragliding on full-time basis at the sites. Please contact us to arrange a female pilot for your booking.