What We Do

We are the authorised registration partner with Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad to offer the insurance plans that covers all of your paragliding related activities, and in this particular web-page we will be providing you the registration forms for you to fill in just a few simple steps.

Why Us?

Among the many available insurance products for sports activities in Malaysia, the plans offered herewith are the only one that has coverage for tandem paragliding. The coverage is extended to both the pilot and passenger. Upon successful completion of its registration, your particulars are sent immediately to the underwriters for activation and this speeds up the process for efficiency and ease of use.

Please Select Your Coverage Plan

Select the plans to subscribe from the link above, please note that only Recreational Pilot plans has international coverage while Tandem Pilot plans only cover activities that are conducted in Malaysia.

What & How Much Is The Coverage?

Recreational & Tandem Pilot
Benefits Description Plan 1 (RM300/year) Plan 2 (RM550/year)
Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement 50,000 100,000
Medical Expenses Reimbursement (subject to RM50 excess per claim) 10,000 20,000
Purchase of Orthopaedics Equipment 1,000 2,000
Personal Liability 100,000 200,000
Sports Equipment (subject to 10% excess per claim) 3,000 5,000

Insurance underwriter : Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad